Chief Executive Officer


No leadership position has a greater impact on an organization’s success than the chief executive officer. Regardless of whether a new CEO is appointed from inside the organization or from the outside, the profile of the new chief executive officer should be a function of the specific impact the board wants the next CEO to have on the business and the skills it will take to accomplish that.

We provide advice, counsel and coaching for long-term succession planning, medium-term orderly CEO succession and emergency search for companies in crisis. Whatever the scenario, the health of the organization and the way it is regarded by investors and other key stakeholders depends largely on the experience, track record and leadership qualities of the CEO.

Our proven CEO process has successfully driven leadership recruitment for public corporations, private companies, and private equity portfolio organizations. Through over 25 years of proven CEO and board recruitment experience, we’ve honed an effective, transparent approach that help clients pinpoint the exact leadership required to take an organization to the next level.

CEO & Board Search Process

Our preliminary process entails detailed discussions with your own internal team and in-depth, collaboration. Our team will develop a keen understanding of your company’s:

  • Current board structure and terms of service
  • Constituencies and independent versus representative interest board membership
  • Current committee structure and charter
  • Core business expertise requirements
  • Working closely with company stakeholders, we’ll refine role profiles, required competencies, and original search and sourcing criteria before reaching out to potential candidates.

Once we’ve honed an outreach strategy, candidate assessment, short-list recommendations, interview protocols, invitations, offers, and on-boarding process, we then find and present you with only those candidates who most closely match your predetermined criteria. We will keep you informed throughout the search process via detailed launch briefings, stakeholder consultations, and regular, timely status updates.

Since we are active in the governance world on a daily basis, our partners already hold a broad and comprehensive view of the boardroom talent who might best fit your needs. With all the essential legwork completed, we can work quickly to identify the top candidates, narrow the field, and then present a shortlist for consideration.

You’ll choose between pre-vetted candidates, complying with the standards clients set, and capable of conforming to the cultural composition of the company and existing boardroom.

Boutique executive search services with best in class global network, contacts and market mastery.

Deeply connected and engaged personal service approach, long-term investment in client community and 25 year history of strong relations with both Multi-National leaders and Private Equity partners.